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To make a mrs laugh, usage your authentic personality, coupled v your herbal wit, teasing, funny jokes, funny stories, and other kinds of absurd, over-the-top, or ‘edgy’ comedic interaction to tickle she funny bone and engage her sense of humor—preferably in-person, but you can likewise do it via text or phone.

If you check out or hear to sufficient dating advice, you’ll at some point run right into this tip.

Make her laugh.

This is such a universal item of date advice that it’s virtually a cliche.

You’ll find it in practically every list of tips for just how to flirt v women, generate romance, and also increase your attraction.

But is do a woman laugh really as essential as human being say the is?

Here are the facts.

I’m right here to phone call you, not just from my very own dating suffer (which has actually been really successful), but likewise from my experiences as a dating coach, that this advice is 100% true.

Yes. If you can make a mrs laugh, you’ll generate a ton that attraction.

It may not be enough to gain her to loss in love through you, however it’ll absolutely increase your chances.

But why?

And perhaps even more importantly—how?

How perform you actually succeed at making women laugh?

I used to battle with this a bit, actually. I’ve always been naturally funny when totally relaxed. Yet my concern with women was that I regularly didn’t get relaxed till we were very close.

But guess what?

By the time we got close, i was usually currently in the friendzone.

So in this post, you’re walk to discover some tips, tricks, and advice for how to actually make a woman laugh, appropriate from the beginning.

I’m going to share my own an individual tips v you. Yet we’re also going to cover part lessons that you deserve to learn from the ‘greats’—men in the public eye who are so an excellent at flirting and making females laugh that it virtually seems prefer a superpower.

But first, we need to dig right into the ‘why’ behind the ‘how.’

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How to make Girls Laugh: 10 Proven WaysHow to make a Girl Laugh over Text: 4 Examples

Why Is the So vital to do Her Laugh?


Women undoubtedly prefer mates who have a an excellent sense that humor.

More special, women choose mates who are adept in ~ ‘humor production’ (the capacity to tell funny jokes and make witty remarks).

But why?

According to David M. Buss, a world renowned professor that psychology, and also pioneer in the areas of evolution psychology and also human mating behavior, there are two theory that assist to describe why women space turned ~ above by males who deserve to make lock laugh.

These theories are that:

Humor is a commitment signal, signalling a man’s intent to maintain a mating relationshipHumor is an indicator of good genes, and also a fitness indicator to screen excellent cognitive function

As he states in his book The advancement of Desire: strategies of human Mating:

There’s no doubt that feeling is important.

And now you understand the basics of why.

So stop dive right into some details ways that you have the right to use feeling to enhance your odds of dating success with women.

How to do Girls Laugh: 10 Proven Ways

1. Teasing


Teasing can take many forms, and also is basically the procedure of pointing come something about a woman and drawing either an absurd conclusion based on it, or playfully making funny of something she’s doing, saying, or representing.

The point to remember about teasing is the you don’t want it to come off as average or serious. Yet you do need to create a small bit of sexual tension and also take a few risks. You additionally need to do the girl feel something.

And appropriate teasing have the right to really help with this.

There are countless different forms of teasing. Friend can:

Take things she’s saying the end of contextMake absurd judgements based on things she saysFixate top top something that mildly irritates herGive she a nickname or a pet namePretend choose you understand a mystery about her

… or really usage any number of other methods that you can come up with.

But nevertheless of precisely how you tease her, remember the the end goal is to do her laugh, not to make her self-conscious or to reason her to feel bad about herself.

What’s the Trick?

The cheat to successfully making a mrs laugh through teasing is to save it light-hearted, positive, and obviously comical. However you additionally need to be brave enough to get in semi-risky territory.

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‘Wit’ is the ability to say things that either connect two unrelated things together, or come otherwise draw some type of clever connection or difference between 2 or an ext otherwise unrelated things.

Her: Oh, nothing be therefore shallow.

Me: forgive me, yet I’m no lackluster swimming pool. I’ll have you recognize that i’m a thinking, feeling, breathing human being being, and also I reap swimming in the deep end. Besides, ns don’t understand what ‘pools’ need to do v this conversation. Us were talking about attractive women here…

The thing around wit is that it demands to it is in spontaneous and also creative. Friend can’t yes, really ‘learn it’ in a textbook. It’s not prefer a math problem.

To be witty, you need to have the ability to think on your feet in an abstract and/or out-of-the-box fashion.

What’s the Trick?

If you want to obtain really great at being witty, try watching part stand-up comedy. Personally, I find Bo Burnham to it is in the grasp of quick wit.

You can also take some improv class to aid you get much better at thinking of witty comment quickly and also on-the-spot.

3. Funny Pop culture References


Being may be to recommendation popular culture tells a woman something around how ‘in the know’ you are around the civilization that we all live in.

But once you integrate it v humor, and also manage to do her laugh while utilizing those pop society references—well, that takes it to a whole various level.

And it deserve to work wonders.

The thing around pop society humor, though, is the it all relies on friend being acquainted with references that the mrs you’re flirting through will additionally recognize.

For this reason, pop culture references only really work in selective situations.

You may likewise need to take it some threats when utilizing it, particularly if you skew towards religious, cultural, or political topics, stereotypes, or tropes.

The advantage to tapping into these controversial areas, however, is that the payout can be huge.

What’s the Trick?

The trick v pop society references is to test the water gently at first, and also then to delve a little deeper and also take bigger risks as you assess what form of human she is.

Going deep because that a dark pop-culture hail-mary the blends in aspects of both politics and also religion may pay turn off big-time, however it could additionally earn friend a dead-pan stare or threat seriously offending the mrs you’re trying to flirt with.

Check out the video clip below through Indian comedian Vir Das, who’s accustomed to taking large risks in few of these sensitive areas with his comedy, and getting combined results that are periodically shocking, yet usually always incredibly hilarious.

4. Feeling Voice Inflection

Voice inflection can be described as the sport of your voice (tones, pace, pitch, modulation, and intonation) as you speak—and some world are really good at manipulating it because that comedic effect.

Humorous voice inflection is the arts of manipulating her voice to be humorous, larger than life, entertaining, or also just downright man or absurd.

There’s simply something really funny around people that are good at sprinkling unanticipated voice inflections into their jokes and wit, especially if lock really good at make the inflammation seem relatable.

What’s the Trick?

Random voice inflections can be yes, really funny. But there’s also a threat of them falling flat. Or worse, they can actually do you look yes, really awkward if lock aren’t excellent well.

The cheat is to make them relatable to her audience (in this case, the woman you’re trying come hit on).

I think that Jerry Seinfeld is actually a understand of making use of voice inflections to successfully enhance his comedy.

The over clip in certain gives you an example of just how he uses dramatic ups, downs, timing, and also even mimicry to do his distribution that much an ext entertaining and memorable.

5. Calling the end the Absurdity – it is in It actual or Imagined

Calling out the evident or the absurd in comedic fashion is a surefire method to do a mrs laugh once it’s excellent well. And it doesn’t also really matter if the ‘absurd thing’ you calling out is actual or imagined.

The idea below is that you press the boundaries of ‘normal conversation’ by taking something over the top, calling her out on something the she clearly didn’t average by taking it the end of context, or also taking a response that have to be ‘normal’ and also hyping it approximately make it over the top.

What’s the Trick?

The trick with this sort of feeling is to do it blend seamlessly into the conversation in ~ the ideal time. If the time is wrong, it deserve to really autumn flat, and also actually come throughout as awkward and embarrassing.

Conan O’Brien is really great at flirting v women and taking it come absurd levels.

You can additionally see him job-related his ‘absurd flirting magic’ above, whereby he take away Evangeline Lilly ‘liking’ Andy Richter’s earlobe much more than his to seriously absurd and hilarious levels.

6. The art of Comedic Storytelling

Telling funny, over-the-top story is an awesome way to accumulate laughs.

This is actually one of my favorite ways to flirt v women. I likewise think the it’s one of the easiest means to provoke feeling without acquisition a large risk.


Because if friend tell an exciting story and it ends up not being funny, you at least still called a story. Yet if you can elicit a giggle or two during the affair—well, all the better!

What’s the Trick?

The trick with this one, very first of all, is come tell an interesting story that has actually the potential to it is in funny. So, ideal story selection is yes, really the an initial part.

For example, among my favorite stories to call is a true story about taking a girl come a graveyard to makeout, just to have her litter up from obtaining too drunk, and then having actually an armadillo accurate walk ideal up come us and square up through her, inches far from her face while she was still vomiting on the ground.

Next, the vital is to sprinkle your very own brand the humor into the storytelling. You could take points to absurd levels, attract obvious/funny conclusions, mimic the characters, or even roleplay/reenact part of it.

I think the Theo Von is one of the ideal storytellers the end there.

Being unpredictable yes, really strikes at the heart of what comedy is.

At the core, us laugh in ~ things since they’re just close enough to ‘normal’ to it is in relatable, but likewise just ‘at the edge’ sufficient to strike united state as being fully unexpected.

This form of humor is actually referred to as surreal humor. That a kind of feeling that is, follow to Wikipedia, “predicated top top deliberate hurt of causal reasoning, creating events and behaviours that room obviously illogical.”

What’s the Trick?

The trick with this is to it is in unpredictable in methods that’ll strike a humorous chord with your audience. If unpredictable things room done the end of context, they have the right to sometimes fall flat, and may even make girlfriend look socially aer or unintelligent.

When ceded intelligently, though, gift unpredictable will constantly keep the lady on her toes.

Russel Brand is a perfect instance of someone who masterfully offers the ‘unexpected’ for comedic value.

Craig Ferguson (the CBS late-night talk present host the The late Late show with Craig Ferguson, 2005-2014) is a legend flirt, popular for his capacity to successfully engage-with and hold his very own with few of the most beautiful, high-profile women in the world.

And this is one of his signature moves.

Most people fall right into the habit of starting conversations off v a dry, dull type of energy, and also then wait for the chance to inject humor into it.

But Craig Ferguson has actually mastered the antidote to this mistake. He starts off practically every single conversation thread with light-hearted, positive, optimistic humor.

What’s the Trick?

The trick v this one is to be super responsibility of just how you begin out every solitary conversation thread. This is necessary not simply at the start of a conversation, but additionally every time you adjust subjects.

This set the encounter as much as be more fun, and additionally sets up your jokes to it is in funnier once you fall them.

The over clip, wherein Craig Ferguson interviews Tina Fey, is a perfect instance of exactly how he masterfully starts turn off every new conversation subject on a high, super-positive, high-energy note.

It really brings out the feeling in the conversation, and also sets simply an as whole hilarious tone.

9. Call Out Cliches in a Comical Fashion


This is an additional one that Craig Ferguson’s signature comedy moves the never falls short to make females laugh.

The premise is simple:

When you’re talk to a woman and you hear her usage a stereotype, speak to it out in one over-the-top, semi-ridiculous fashion.

First off, this stop her know that she teasing and not in reality trying to be a jerk.

Secondly, the over-the-top energy, when delivered in a optimistic or comical fashion, is in chin fuel for comedy—and have the right to be a very powerful technique for making she laugh top top its own.

When combined, these 2 things space a sure-fire method to elicit part giggles, and also maybe a little bit of sex-related chemistry together well.

What’s the Trick?

The trick through this an approach is come time it well, and to make certain that you over-the-top enough that she i will not ~ mistake your ‘call-out’ together an really call-out, but will realize that it’s in reality a joke.

Watch the example listed below to watch Craig Ferguson enraged Leslie Bibb around being a ‘cliche’ as a mrs actress v a gluten allergy. His call-out is perfect. He gets a riled-up an answer from her, yet manages to perform so in a funny method that isn’t actually typical or rude.

10. Do Absurd or end the peak Physical Expressions

Once again, we’re going come look in ~ Craig Ferguson together an absolute genius at this.

This format of feeling basically utilizes the ‘over the top’ activity of the arms, legs, body, face, and/or anything rather to emphasize a comedic point.

It’s especially helpful when supplied in conjunction v other types of comedy.

The risk with this one is that no everyone is ‘athletic’ or ‘smooth’ sufficient to pull it off.

But if you’ve gained the moves, this can be an awesome method for eliciting part laughs from the lovely females on your radar.

What’s the Trick?

Making absurd or end the top physical expressions have the right to be really unpredictable and also funny. And also the much more ‘relatable’ they are, the much better they’ll land.

But the genuine trick, similar to most varieties of humor, is in the timing and also context. Weaving it right into your conversation seamlessly and out the nowhere deserve to really provoke some laughs and also land a truly comedic tone.

In the over clip, for example, Craig Ferguson displayed this by stroking his chin in one over-the-top manner if interviewing Sandra Bullock. It lands specifically well, due to the fact that he’s likewise teasing her a little bit at the exact same time.

How to do a Girl Laugh end Text: 4 Examples

To make a girl laugh end text, you need to look for methods to one of two people tease, usage wit, encompass funny pop culture references, tell comedic stories, or it is in otherwise unpredictable.

Keep in mind the you don’t have access to your voice or body language over text. So you’ll have to rely completely on wordplay.

Here space some examples of instances where i have made ladies laugh via text message.

Example 1: Dark Humor

In this text, i delved into a little bit of ‘dark humor,’ and also it turn out very well (judging by our interactions later on on, both in text and also in person).


Example #2: offer Her a tough Time

This is usually teasing, yet through text. In this text, i teased a lady about what she to be drinking. The turned the end really well. I’ve actually had a pair of different ‘flings’ with this particular lady, so supposedly my strategy is working with her.


Example #3: Flirt/Sexually escalate in a Teasing, Comedic Manner

Now, you have to be careful with these varieties of jokes. If girlfriend don’t setup them well, you deserve to come off looking choose a horny institution boy. But when timed well, and when she starts the (or if you’ve currently been intimate), these species of jokes have the right to actually be yes, really funny.

This message conversation took place in between myself and a woman I had a fling through for a few weeks. She was talking about looking because that a brand-new job, and I did a bit of flirting once she stated that she could constantly just ‘be a stripper.’

We had a date planned for Friday, therefore my ‘Friday’ referral in the text.


Just to clarify, she in reality did present me those stripper moves, high key. So this one was another success.

Example #4: add onto she Jokes and also Take castle a small Bit Further

This kind of hoax plays off of she attempts at humor, and does two really an excellent things.

It makes her feel choose you assumed her jokes were funny, which is goodIt’ll do her laugh because the joke is currently a common inside joke the both of you relate to, and also that rises its value

In this particular example, a woman i was seeing to be venting come me around how judgemental part men deserve to be in the direction of her ‘non vanilla’ sex-related preferences. She poked funny at it, and I brought on the joke.


Once again, it might be crucial to point out that this one was additionally a success. Us got really kinky top top our next date.

How to do a Girl Laugh on the Phone

Making a girl laugh on the call is practically the opposite of making she laugh via text.

As in genuine life, girlfriend still get to use voice inflection, tonality, mimicry, and also a organize of other vocalizations.

But also similarly to text, girlfriend don’t acquire body language, physical expression, the capability to make encounters to journey your allude across, etc.

So the vital to make a girl laugh top top the phone call is to double down top top vocalization.

Comedic wit, stories, mimicry, informing jokes, and making certain to hype-up your voice inflections are generally the ideal ways to carry out it.

Just think of the 10 measures we described above, however remove the physical and also visual aspects from them. The remainder is what you have to work with.

Pro tip: keep things short on the phone. Be conscious of the natural energy levels that the conversation, and also be ready to end the conversation in ~ or near the ‘energy peak.’ 

You don’t desire to ramp up the excitement, peak, come under from the peak, and then end the conversation.

You want to end it somewhere really close come the energy peak, to leaving her wanting more.

How to Make her Girlfriend Laugh: Is it any kind of Different?

Making your long term mam or girlfriend laugh is very comparable to making any kind of woman laugh, except that girlfriend actually have actually a lot more material at your disposal to occupational with.

It’s a lot of easier, in my experience, to do your long term girlfriend laugh due to the fact that the 2 of you will certainly have:

Inside jokesA the majority of life suffer overlapCulture recommendation overlapSimilar tastes, interests, and also maybe even political/religious views on particular topics

These factors produce an environment that’s ripe for laughter, fun, positivity, and also comedy—but additionally gives you license to take greater risks with her comedy. Simply make certain to continue to apply effort to do her laugh.

A lot of of males stop putting in the effort in a long term relationship—but it’s crucial to continue to it is in the funny, laughter-inducing man she was very first attracted to.

She needs that.

And it’s completely worth it.

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Making a girl laugh i will not ~ guarantee that she’ll be attractive to you. Yet it’ll definitely help.

Not sure just how to tell if a girl likes you? inspect out this overview to assist you understand exactly how to point out attraction when it happens.

Of course, you should do a few other things correctly as well.

Check the end our guide to exactly how to acquire a girlfriend to get review of the variety of an abilities necessary come take your interactions v women to the next level.

You should likewise check out our an ext detailed overview on just how to asking a girl out.

Making a cute girl laugh entails using different species of wit, humor, comedy, voice inflection, and comedic mannerisms to tell funny jokes, stories, or one-liners in an attempt to ‘tickle’ she funny bone and strike a humor chord in ~ her.

But this is the thing:

You have to be on your video game with cute girls, because handsome, good-looking males are continuous hitting top top them and also trying to make them laugh.

Therefore, the vain is high.

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Use the 10 steps listed above to aid you prove the you’re funnier (and much more attractive) than the rest of her competition.