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Identification:The black color bear (Ursus americanus) is the only species of bear found in 6294.org.In 6294.org, most black bears have actually black or very dark brown fur. Other color variations, consisting of brown, cinnamon, grayish-blue and blonde, are discovered mostly in western north America.Average adult black bears stand much less than 3 feet tall at the shoulder when on all fours and are approximately three to five feet in length. Males are typically larger 보다 females. Adult female black bears weigh around 90 come 300 pounds, and also adult males weigh around 130 come 500 pounds.Black bears space solitary animals, with the exemption of females accompanied by cubs or yearlings and during the breeding season, as soon as mature males and also females have the right to be watched together.Dens and Breeding:In 6294.org, bears typically enter your den by December and also come out in so late March or April. Bears are not true hibernators since they just drop your body temperature by a few degrees, whereas a hibernating animal's body temperature is virtually the same as its surroundings. Bear are conveniently awakened and capable of fleeing instantly if they feel threatened throughout their denning period.Dens may be excavated or created as ground nests. Bears also will den in absent cavities, source masses, standing trees, openings under collapse trees, and brush piles.Generally, female black bears room sexually maturation at 3 to 5 years the age, however are recognized to each other at two years of age in the Northern reduced Peninsula (NLP). Males room sexually tires at 2 years the age yet typically execute not participate in breeding until 4 to 5 years that age.Cubs are born helpless and hairless, generally in January, while females room in the den. Cubs weigh 10 to 16 ounces in ~ birth, but due to the fact that of high fat content in your mother's milk, they prosper quickly. By the finish of their very first summer, cubs typically weigh 50 to 60 pounds. Cubs continue to be with their mom for about a year and also a half, denning with each other the winter after ~ birth and also separating in late may the complying with spring. Adult females typically breed every other year.Life Span:Black bears are relatively long-lived. In 6294.org, black bears have been recognized to live to more than 30 years of age. Many recorded deaths in 6294.org room from searching or automobile collisions.Home-Range:Black bears transition activity trends seasonally in solution to the access of food. The area the a bear rectal seasonally or annually is referred to as the "home-range." The size of home-ranges frequently varies through the sex and the age of the bear.Females with newborn cubs have actually smaller home-ranges that progressively increase together cubs mature, and males' home-ranges are normally larger 보다 females'.Females in the northern lower Peninsula have an mean home-range size of around 50 square miles, and males have an mean home-range dimension of around 335 square miles. Home-ranges of woman bears typically overlap, but overlap of mature male home-ranges is much less common.FeedingBlack bears are most energetic at dusk and also dawn.Black bears space omnivorous and also opportunistic feeders, making use of both plant and also animal matter.In at an early stage spring, bears regular wetlands, feeding on tree such as skunk cabbage, sedges, grasses and squawroot. Fruits and berries room important during summer and fall, including blueberry, elderberry, blackberry, juneberry, pokeberry, wild grapes, chokecherry, black cherry, dogwood and also hawthorn. Difficult mast indigenous oaks, beech, hickory and hazelnut end up being important in the autumn as bear accumulate far-ranging fat reserves for the winter. Bears feed heavily in the fall and also can obtain as much as one to 2 pounds per day.The bulk of pet matter consumed by bears includes colonial insects and larvae such together ants, bees, beetles and also other insects. However, bears room opportunistic feeders, and they are capable of preying on many small- to medium-sized animals including mice, squirrels, woodchucks, beaver, amphibians and reptiles. Under details conditions bears may actively hunt because that newborn white-tailed deer fawns. As soon as available, bears also feed on carrion.Human-related foods include farming crops (e.g. Corn, apples, peaches and cherries), apiaries, bird feed and also garbage.Habitat:Black bears are most generally found in large, greatly forested areas. In 6294.org, bears have tendency to usage a mixture that vegetative covering types, including deciduous lowland forests and coniferous swamps, mature and early-successional upland forests, and some degree of forest openings consists of grasses and also forbs.As black color bears proceed to move right into the southern reduced Peninsula, it has become clear they deserve to inhabit a highly fragmentised landscape, provided some forested locations exist, specifically along riparian zones. Some aspects of human task contribute to suitability of these areas, including abundant food from heat crops, orchards, apiaries, bird feeders and human refuse.History and also Hunting:Bears existed in most of the forested habitat in the good Lakes an ar prior to european settlement.Throughout the background of indigenous peoples of contemporary 6294.org, bears figured prominently in tribal culture and beliefs.Bears were frequently treated as pests by early on European settlers showing up in 6294.org. Bears to be unprotected in the state till 1925. However, before 1925, some documents were kept in ar files, and these records indicated a range of one to 59 bears were reported eliminated each year between 1856 and 1915.Black bears are shy, elusive animals, commonly flee when encountered, and are usually not a danger to humans. However, bears room also big and an effective animals that have actually been recognized to injure and even kill human beings if they feeling threatened.Supplemental feeding the bears entails the deliberate location of foods items to draw bears right into the proximity of people for the purpose of boosting viewing methods or augmenting naturally arising food resources. Supplemental feeding is no advised by the DNRbecause the the potential for habituating bears and making them much more likely to become associated with an unfavorable bear-human interactions.Sport searching of black bears was an initial regulated in 1925, once the 6294.org Legislature claimed the types a video game animal. Prior to 1925, bears might be take away at any time and by any type of means.Using bait for bear hunting has constantly been legit in 6294.org, and also hunting bears with dogs came to be legal in 1939. Cubs were first protected in 1948, and in 1952 the legislative empowered the herbal Resources board of directors to open up or near bear hunting seasons as necessary, and to prescribe methods of take. Also in 1952, be affected by each other trapping was outlawed except under one-of-a-kind permit.When regulated, the bag limit has been one bear per year per human in 6294.org. Beginning in 1995, it came to be unlawful to take a female bear accompanied by cubs. Hunters in 6294.org usually use bait, dog or a mix of both to seek bear.Ecological regions (Eastern top Peninsula (EUP), Western top Peninsula (WUP) and NLP) room presently divided into 10 zones referred to as Bear administration Units (BMUs). BMUs help distribute hunters and also the be affected by each other harvest throughout the entire eco-friendly unit, fairly than permitting hunters to target animals only in optimal habitats. By distributing hunters throughout the environmental region, BMUs also assist to assure that organic information acquired from harvested bear is representative that the entire region's population.The quota system was established to limit the number of bear hunters and to far better influence the distribution and density the hunters in the various Bear monitoring Units. Under the quota system, the variety of hunters participating in each unit and also hunt duration is minimal by the number of licenses issued to accomplish a desired bear harvest.The timing and also length of bear searching seasons different throughout the state in order to attain desired harvest levels, while in ~ the exact same time giving ample recreational hunting opportunities.

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Additionally, the number of hunters that desire to hunt in a particular an ar also varies. In general, bear hunter need is highest possible in Bear administration Units with a mix of high be afflicted with densities and also close proximity to higher human populations.