when chatting through somebody, I first used haven"t eaten, climate I assumed that it to be wrong, and switched come haven"t ate.

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Apparently, haven"t ate is the one i m sorry is wrong.

Can someone explain the reasonable behind this? Verb tenses are still something i confuse a lot.



The principle parts of the verb eat are:

eat infinitive and present ate past consumed past jet eating current participle

Accordingly, perfect build are created with have + eaten:

I have eaten, you had actually eaten, he will have eaten, &c

Passive constructions are developed with be + eaten:

We space eaten, you were eaten, they will certainly be eaten, &c

Progressive (continuous) constructions are developed with be + eating:

I am eating, you to be eating, she will certainly be eating, &c

You will sometimes hear et for the past, and also even for the past participle but in united state speech these space strictly non-standard language forms.

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haven"t eaten is correct. This is the existing perfect form, i beg your pardon in this case describes an activity or state arising in the present or recent past.For example:

I have actually just consumed the salad. Ns haven"t eaten the sandwich.

On the various other hand ate is the basic past form, therefore a helper verb cannot be used. It defines an activity or state that developed in the past. For example:

I ate the salad. Ns kicked the ball.

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Ate is the basic past the the verb to eat, vice versa, eaten is the past participle.

As you are using the auxiliary have because that the present perfect, you space bound to use the previous participle. The simple past type is to be used independently for finished actions or situations.

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