In this module, we will certainly take a look at at piece of devices that are generally used as soon as recovering kind I little appliances. We will discuss the EPA’s ar 608 regulations because that these piece of equipment. Skip come quiz!

There are many systems that space “sealed”, definition they are essentially closed systems where the refrigerant within is no accessible. These appliances perform not come v ports set up for testing, recovery, charging, or evacuation.


Recall the hermetic systems space sealed systems, for this reason this is a properties of type I small appliances. Examples of these closed or sealed systems include home window AC units and refrigerators.

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In bespeak to access these systems for servicing, we need to first look for procedure tubes. If there room no procedure tubes for united state to access the refrigerant through, we can produce an opened by installing an accessibility fitting. We install accessibility fittings into the sealed mechanism to gain accessibility to the refrigerant.

Make sure you have actually a good reason for opened up any type of sealed system! Access fittings must be leak tested prior to using lock to recoup refrigerant come make certain we space not venting refrigerant.

Piercing valves are supplied to access refrigerant native the process stub on tiny appliances. We deserve to use both solder and also solderless piercing valves.

Let’s say we have installed and opened a piercing access valve. If we uncover that the press of the appliance is 0 psig, this way there has actually been a leak. And the truth that the press is 0 psig suggests that over there is basically no more refrigerant left in the system.

If the appliance is meant to leak often, we will usually use solder kind piercing valves. This is since they are more durable and also tend to organize up far better over time.

Solderless piercing valves often tend to leak end time, so they need to not remain on the mechanism after completion of service.

There are two key kinds of low loss fittings - automatic and also manual. In this video, the installation attached to the red water tap is automatic, and the fitting attached come the yellow hose is manual. They both work by obstructing and also preventing the flow of refrigerant from leaving the hose, which prevents the venting of refrigerants.

Low loss fittings are forced for servicing equipment containing CFCs, HCFCs, and also HFCs to avoid from venting them. This is to comply v the Venting Prohibition, which uses to all ODS and their non-exempt substitutes.

For this systems, short loss fittings are required whenever refrigerant hoses are provided in your service including when

Recovering refrigerant, and

Measuring system pressure

When we attach our hoses to measure up the mechanism pressure or to recuperate refrigerant over there is a threat of releasing refrigerant. That’s why low loss fittings are necessary.

Low lose fittings work as with your conventional garden hose. If you simply use a garden water tap without a nozzle, you’ll check out that also when you turn off the water, water still comes the end of the hose.

If you have actually a nozzle top top the other finish of the hose, you deserve to better regulate when the water stop flowing. This is usually the short loss fitting’s job.

In this module, we debated the use of access fittings, piercing valves, and low loss fittings in our recovery procedures.

Access fittings must be leak tested before use

Solderless piercing valves cannot continue to be on equipment ~ servicing, and

Low loss fittings have to be used whenever connecting refrigerant hoses through CFCs, HCFCs, and their substitutes.

Question #1: accessibility fittings

Need to be leak tested prior to recovering refrigerant

Are used to gain accessibility to close up door systems

Are provided with home window AC units

All of these

Scroll down for the answer...

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Question #2: We typically want to leak test accessibility fittings after a service to make certain it does not have actually leaks because that the next service. This is to save us time from leak experimentation the accessibility fitting the next time around.