Non-electrolyte- a compound that will certainly dissettle in water to develop a solution that does NOT conduct electrical power due to ions not being produced. Examples- Sugar C12H22O11 and alcohol CH3OH.

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Electrolyte- a compound that will disresolve in water to develop a solution that will certainly conduct electrical energy as a result of the presence of free ions.

Solubility Guidelines (ions that dissolve)


Ionization-an atom or molecules that acquires a charge by either getting or losing one or more electrons

Dissociation-When an ionic compound breaks up into its ions

Strong Electrolytes-Completely ionizes (or dissociates) when liquified in water. Classes of solid electrolytes include strong acids, solid bases and soluble salts. Some other ionic solids are CaCl2, NH4Cl, KBr, CuSO4, NaCH3COO (sodium acetate), CaCO3, NaHCO3 (baking soda).

Strong Acids HA(aq) → H+(aq) + A−(aq)

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Weak Electrolytes-an electrolyte that gives a low portion yield of ions as soon as liquified in water. For example, ammonia, NH4OH, carbonic acid, H2CO3, acetic acid, CH3COOH, and also many organic acids and bases are weak electrolytes.

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Strength of Electrolytes and also Equilibrium Constants- Normally Speaking- Strong Electrolytes have actually incredibly big K worths. Weak electrolytes will have extremely small K values.


Past Regents Questions on Electrolytes

Jan 2011-26 Which compound is an electrolyte?(1) butene (3) dimethyl ether(2) propane (4) methanoic acid

Jun 2010-48 Which laboratory test outcome can be used to recognize if KCl(s)is an electrolyte?(1) pH of KCl(aq)(2) pH of KCl(s)(3) electric conductivity of KCl(aq)(4) electric conductivity of KCl(s)

Aug 2009-27 Which substance is an electrolyte?(1) CCl4 (3) HCl(2) C2H6 (4) H2O

Jan 2007-13 Which substance, once liquified in water, develops a solution that conducts an electrical current?(1) C2H5OH (3) C12H22O11(2) C6H12O6 (4) CH3COOH

June 2006-25 Which substance is an electrolyte?(1) CH3OH (3) H2O(2) C6H12O6 (4) KOH

Jan 2006-38 A solid substance was tested in the laboratory.The test outcomes are noted below.• dissolves in water• is an electrolyte• melts at a high temperatureBased on these results, the solid substance could be(1) Cu (3) C(2) CuBr2 (4) C6H12O6

June 2005-27 Which formula represents an electrolyte?(1) CH3OCH3 (3) CH3COOH(2) CH3OH (4) C2H5CHO

Jan 2005-25 The compound HNO3deserve to be described as an(1) Arrhenius acid and an electrolyte(2) Arrhenius acid and also a nonelectrolyte(3) Arrhenius base and also an electrolyte(4) Arrhenius base and a nonelectrolyte

Jan 2004-27 Which compound is an electrolyte?(1) C6H12O6 (3) CaCl2(2) CH3OH (4) CCl4

June 2003-29 Which 0.1 M solution consists of an electrolyte?

(1) C6H12O6(aq) (3) CH3OH(aq)(2) CH3COOH(aq) (4) CH3OCH3(aq)

Aug 2003-9. Based on Reference Table F, which of these salts is the finest electrolyte?

A. sodium nitrateB. magnesium carbonateC. silver chlorideD. barium sulfate

June 2002-23 A substance that conducts an electrical existing as soon as dissolved in water iscalled