Dumbledore leader Harry come a pair of seats and also commendshim for his bravery. He acknowledges the he is dead, yet says the Harryis more than likely not. That explains, or help Harry to number out, thatwhile Voldemort has actually just eliminated the component of his very own soul the wasembedded in ~ Harry, bother is tho alive because Voldemort reconstitutedhis own body the end of Harry’s blood (in bother Potter and also theGoblet of Fire). Due to the fact that Voldemort consists of Harry’s blood, aslong as Voldemort is alive he preserves Lily Potter’s charm, therefore Harrycan’t dice at his hand. Thus, paradoxically, while Harry had to diebefore Voldemort could, harry can’t dice while Voldemort lives. Theyhave a double bond, through Voldemort’s spirit in Harry and also Harry’s bloodin Voldemort.

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Dumbledore defines the secret of why Harry’s wand defeated Voldemorteven when the latter had Lucius Malfoy’s wand. The very first time Harryfought Voldemort through their twin wands, harry won because his couragewas greater. Since of Harry’s bond v Voldemort, and also becauseof the kinship in between their 2 wands, Harry’s wand soaked up abit of Voldemort’s significance and also came to recognize him as a mortalenemy. That is why Harry’s wand known Voldemort and defendedagainst him, transforming a little of Voldemort’s extremely potent magic backagainst him and destroying Lucius’s wand.

Harry raises the subject of the Deathly Hallows, and also Dumbledoreadmits with shame that he to be seduced by your promise to do himmaster end death. The find for the Hallows drew Dumbledore andGrindelwald together years before, and also they had intended to embarkon a find for them as soon as Aberforth mentioned that castle couldn’tleave Ariana. Dumbledore, realizing the the desire for strength washis many dangerous weakness, turned down the article of Minister ofMagic and also stayed at hogwarts his totality career.

Dumbledore avoided facing Grindelwald because that as lengthy as possible, afraidthat he might learn the it was he, Dumbledore, who cast the spellthat killed Ariana. Finally, he defeated Grindelwald and took theElder Wand indigenous him. Dumbledore had offered up on the search for theHallows as soon as he learned that Harry’s father had the Cloak and also borrowedit to research it. As soon as Dumbledore acquired hold the the ring through theStone, the couldn’t stand up to using the to shot to speak to his sisterand parents. He put it on, forgetting the the ring was now a Horcruxand hence cursed, thereby destroying his hand and causing his own eventualdemise. He says that the never can have joined the Hallows becausehe take it the Cloak the end of idle curiosity and also the rock for selfishreasons, wishing to disturb the serene dead. He only did the rightthing v the Wand, having actually taken that to protect others native it.Harry, top top the other hand, just wanted each of these items because that selflessreasons.

Dumbledore concludes by explaining the he had actually countedon Hermione to slow Harry down somewhat during his quest, keeping himfrom rushing after the Hallows, so the Harry would certainly not impulsivelyseize upon the Hallows for the not correct reasons. He states that Voldemortjust want a wand an effective enough to beat Harry, when understandingnothing of the Hallows. Dumbledore admits the he hoped the byhaving Snape death him, he can protect the Wand from gift takenby another unscrupulous master, but that things hadn’t worked outas he’d planned.

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Finally, Dumbledore speak Harry the he can select togo ago to life or relocate on. In answer to Harry’s question, he acknowledges thatall the this is happening inside Harry’s head, but that this truth doesnot make the conversation less real.