I'm rereading the books once again, and I just gained to the troll step in Sorcerer's Stone. It always bothered me in the books and also the movies, so ns figured I would certainly ask here. Why would Hermione lie about going after ~ the troll? it would have actually been simply as simple to call the truth, the she remained in the bathroom and didn't know around the troll. Perhaps she was embarrassed about being in there crying, but she could've simply left that component out. Anyone have any ideas? was this intended or just JK Rowling trying to do it an ext interesting?


She played up their heroics and made herself look worse. Of course the adults probably don't care whose error it is, however in eleven-year-old kid terms, Hermione take it one because that the team, and Ron and Harry knew the was a yes, really unusual thing for her to do.

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Basically, it was Hermione's way of saying thanks and also Ron and Harry knew she to be a friend worth having actually after all.

Because they damaged school rules by not going earlier to Gryffindor Tower with the remainder of their home as they to be instructed. By making that seem as if castle did so only since Hermione had obtained herself right into a corner and desperately necessary rescuing, she provided them one excuse (the actual reason why they go was simply to find her and also tell her that there's a troll loose).

Harry and Ron would certainly of gotten in a most trouble for doing what lock did, yet Hermione being the "Straight A" student she is, was going to get in a lot less trouble climate Harry and Ron would of.

I think it's an ext like she didn't want to acquire them in problem for making fun of her earlier, which is why she was crying in the toilet in the an initial place

Agreed, any other answer would have really looped earlier and put the emphasis on the boys making fun of her rather of it gift on castle trying to conserve her.

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