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There are several reasons that Elizabeth feels, and also accurately so, that Abby wants to kill her. One reason that Abby wants to reason harm to Elizabeth is spite. Elizabeth, once she suspected the affair between Abby and also John, fires her and kicks her out of the house. This to be damaging...

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There space several factors that Elizabeth feels, and accurately so, that Abby wants to death her. One factor that Abby desires to reason harm to Elizabeth is spite. Elizabeth, as soon as she doubt the affair in between Abby and John, fires her and kicks her the end of the house. This to be damaging to Abby"s reputation; as soon as a girl is fired, words spreads with town, and also rumors started. Since of those rumors, Abby couldn"t discover employment everywhere else, and also had to go live at her uncle"s house, the Reverend Parris. So, every one of this renders Abby quite mad. She also asks she uncle, "Do you begrudge my bed, Uncle," meaning, carry out you regret taking me in? then she goes on to speak to Elizabeth a "snivelling, gossiping liar" that was dispersing lies about her to keep her from getting employment. So, she anger to be so intense that spite to be a definite aspect in her acquiring Elizabeth arrested.

The second reason that Abigail would desire Elizabeth gone is an easy jealousy. Abby is in love v John; this is very apparent once John access time the Parris household and Abby throw herself everywhere him and also tells him that she thinks about him every night. She loves John, and also wants to be with him; Elizabeth IS through him, therefore she is jealous. That jealousy and envy drive her to try to eliminate Elizabeth and also take she place.

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The critical reason, the isn"t quite as evident as the an initial two, is a feeling of twisted self-righteousness. In one optional act that is regularly left the end of the play, Miller had Abby and John satisfy in the woods. Man went to try to speak Abby out of she accusation against his wife. She refused, and insisted that Elizabeth to be a hypocrite, and that "the people will be white again" once the likes of Elizabeth--who, follow to Abby, professes being a kind, Christian woman yet is yes, really a mean, terrible person--are eradicated from the town. Abby stated that it to be she who was truly deserving of man in marriage, and that it was her personal mission come condemn all of the hypocrites in the town. So, she has a fairly bizarre and also twisted feeling of self-righteousness, choose she had been dubbed by God to get rid of Elizabeth. Even if it is she really believed that or that was simply an act, we don"t know, yet that is what she expresses in the act.