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A Letter come His Son

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Robert E. Lee

A Letter to His Son

You have to study to be frank v the world. Frankness is the kid of honesty and also courage. Say just what you typical to do, top top every occasion, and also take it for granted that you mean to carry out right. If a friend asks a favor, girlfriend should approve it, if that is reasonable; if not, tell that plainly why you cannot; you would wrong him and wrong you yourself by equivocation of any type of kind.

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Never perform a wrong thing to make a friend or store one; the man who needs you to do so is dearly purchased at the sacrifice. Deal kindly but firmly with all her classmates; you will discover it the policy which put on best. Over all, execute not appear to others what you room not.

If you have any fault to uncover with any type of one, tell him, no others, that what girlfriend complain; over there is no more dangerous experiment 보다 that the undertaking to it is in one thing before a man"s face and also another behind his back.

Robert E. Lee (seated) is pictured quickly after the War. ~ above the left that the picture is his son, basic George Washington Custis Lee, and on the ideal is his chef of staff, Colonel Walter H. Taylor We must live, act, and say nothing come the injury of any kind of one. It is not just for the best as a matter of principle, however it is the path of peace and also honor.

In regard to duty, let me, in conclusion of this hasty letter, educate you that nearly a hundreds years earlier there was a work of remarkable gloom and also darkness -- still recognized as "the dark day" -- a day once the irradiate of the sunlight was progressively extinguished, as if by an eclipse.

The legislature of Connecticut was in session, and also as the members observed the unexpected and unaccountable darkness coming on, they common in general awe and also terror. The was claimed by many that the last day -- the day of referee -- had come. Part one, in the consternation that the hour, relocated an adjournment.

Then there occurred an old Puritan legislator, Davenport, of Stamford, and also said that, if the critical day had actually come, he desired to be found at his place doing his duty, and therefore relocated that candles be lugged in, so the the House can proceed v its duty.

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There was quietness in the man"s mind, the quietness that heavenly wisdom and inflexible willingness come obey current duty. Duty, then, is the sublimest indigenous in ours language. Do your duty in all things prefer the old Puritan. Friend cannot execute more; you should never wish to carry out less. Never ever let your mom or me undertake one gray hair for any kind of lack that duty on your part.



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