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Romeo compare Juliet come the sun, and says the moon is envious due to the fact that Juliet is prettier.

Romeo is quite lovestruck. He appears to think in love at first sight, and also is caught up in appearances. The is interested in Juliet for her looks more than she personality. He never really...

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Romeo to compare Juliet to the sun, and says the moon is envious because Juliet is prettier.

Romeo is quite lovestruck. He seems to think in love at very first sight, and is recorded up in appearances. He is interested in Juliet for her looks much more than she personality. He never ever really it s okay to understand her for that she is. That is just attracted to her beauty.

Romeo watch Juliet at her family"s party, and is fascinated through her beauty. The asks she name and doesn’t even treatment that she is a Capulet, meaning his family feuds v hers. Together a Montague, he have to not be interested in her. Juliet"s parents will not let Romeo be v her, and also Romeo"s parents will not approve, either. 

Romeo doesn’t care. He follows Juliet, and then watches as soon as she is at she window. He comment on she beauty, comparing she to the sun.

But, soft! what light through yonder home window breaks?It is the east, and also Juliet is the sun.Arise, fair sun, and also kill the envious moon,Who is already sick and pale v grief,That thou her maid art far much more fair 보다 she (Act II, scene 2).

In Romeo"s metaphor, the compares she to the sun because he think she is lovely and also she warms him. That feels like nothing can compare to her. Everything else revolves about her. Romeo reasons that when the sunlight comes up, the moon go down since it is jealous of the sun. The sun is too beautiful and the moon just needs to leave. By comparing Juliet come the sun, Romeo is saying every the other girls might too go since Juliet has actually them all beat.

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Although this famed speech is beautiful, it is likewise superficial. Yes, Romeo go love Juliet, however he loves the picture of Juliet that is in his mind an ext than Juliet herself. Romeo and also Juliet never have a opportunity for a typical relationship, for this reason they will certainly never know if they in reality would have actually loved every other.