This is one old question and also there have already been several historians, linked to the math sciences, who have tried to uncover an answer. However, over there isn’t quiet a agreement within the scientific community concerning the beginnings of the letter m provided to represent the steep of a right line.

Some that them thought that its beginning goes ago to the French word “monter”, which method to go up. However, numerous them speak it is just an urban myth, due to the fact that Descartes, that was a French man, go not use that letter to stand for the steep of the right line. There room others who argue that letter `m` has its roots in the English ax “modulus the slope”, according to i beg your pardon “modulus”(which is used in the sense of “Used number come measure) was shed as time passed by and just the ax “slope” was left in bespeak to typical inclination. Other mathematicians also argue the the first letters the the alphabet `a`, `b`, `c` were supplied to stand for mathematical constants if the last letter `x`, `y`, `z` were used to stand for variables who values space unknown. Finally, the letters that space in the middle – `m`, `n`, `p` – were offered to current parameters. When we start the study of very first degree equations: `y = mx + b`, the letters `x` and `y` space the variables, `b` is fixed and also it deserve to be thought about a consistent and `m` is a parameter whose worth varies and it is used to measure up the slope of the right line.


In conclusion, although over there are several versions around its appearance, nobody deserve to say for sure what its origins are. We can additionally take notification that not all the countries use the letter m to stand for the slope of a right line. Because that instance, in Sweden, Norway, Russia and also Australia, people use letter `k`, who probable roots come from the word “koefficient”, this is, coefficient. It additionally makes sense, because the slope deserve to be taken into consideration as gift the ratio in between the distinctions of the “height” of 2 points. If you want to know much more about how you can calculate the worth of the slope, have actually a look in ~ the given answer come the question: What is the steep of a directly line?

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