Answer:pH will certainly be increased.Explanation:When you combined sodium acetate and also acetic acid, pH will certainly be maintained and will have slight changes. This constitutes what is known as a buffer solution.But if you analize the reactions:First of all, you have actually a weak acid, acetic:CH₃COOH + H₂O ⇄ CH₃COO⁻ + H₃O⁺ KaAnd the salt can be dissociated as:NaCH₃COO → CH₃COO⁻ + Na⁺As you are adding acetate, this is the conjugate solid base indigenous the weak acid and as every base, it brings hydroxides to medium, so the pH will be increased. Proton from the acid will certainly be neutralized, thouhgh.CH₃COO⁻ + H₂O ⇄ CH₃COOH + OH⁻ Kb

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Jammed in ~ a difficultquestion?Don"t worry. We"ve acquired your back. Every person we meet knows something we don"t.ask us perhaps we know.