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Today"s choice -- native The Munchkins of Oz by Stephen Cox.

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The Winged monkeys in the 1939 movie The sorcerer’s of Oz served at the pleasure of the angry Witch the the West and also terrorized Dorothy and also her companions:

"For children, the goblinlike paris Monkeys, squealing ser­vants of the angry Witch the the West, space the stuff of nightmares. For the most part, the primates were not played by the same small actors together the Munchkins. Just a few of the much more athletic midgets to be asked come don the monkey make-up and also costumes fitted through battery-powered wings. The wings were motorized therefore they would certainly flap while the chimpanzees were airborne.

"Veteran Hollywood midget stuntman harry Monty was one of the actors who played a Munchkin and a Winged Monkey. "Those that played the dozen brown flying chimps were too tall come portray Munchkins," Monty says. "They were short like jockeys."

Pat Walsh together Nikko The wizard of Oz

"They had actually a harness roughly us and strung us up ~ above wires, and we"d swoop down," the recalls. According to Munchkin Hazel Resmondo, it to be midget Walter müller (a Munchkin also) that was the monkey that dropped down in the murky forest, grabbed little Toto, mugged for the camera, and ascended.

"Ray Bolger told a story of exactly how the stuntmen to be to be payment twenty-five dollars every time castle performed their "swoop" in ~ Dorothy and also her companions in the forest. Director Victor Fleming presume payment to be twenty-five dollars because that the day. "He kept saying "Take "em up again!" because that a retake, and they knew lock wouldn"t gain paid every time," Bolger said. "So they struck the picture. Stopped it cold because that a while."

"There lock were. An ext than a dozen Winged primates sit­ting ~ above chairs with their arms folded and legs crossed, argu­ing through Fleming end money. Finally, the financial arrangement was settled, and earlier in the wait they went, buckled to harnesses that were enclosed to black cables.

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Flying monkeys attack

"The rest of the illusion was produced by dangling tiny rubber, painted monkeys about eight inch in length. This molded figurines -- complete with foamlike wings and also a pipeline cleaner for a tail -- were suspended on wires, lot as the actor/monkeys were, and flown follow me at the very same time to create a totality arm) of evil beasts. (Interestingly, in 1996 among the decaying, currently rock-hard rubber monkey props provided in the film to be auctioned off, fetching $3,000 indigenous a hardcore Oz collector in Los Angeles.)

"The just other Winged Monkeys listed in MGM docu­ments space Sid Dawson, in a wardrobe photo dated December 13, 1938, and Pat Walshe, a Hollywood midget stunt twin who played nico -- the hissing head monkey In the witch"s castle. Bother Monty remembers the surname of just one other small stuntman, Buster Brody, as playing a monkey.

"After much more than fifty years, the slim stole tracks the were built and installed in the reinforced rafters the MGM Sound phase 29 room still there, high above the floor as a haunting reminder the Oz"s monkeyshines."