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Press release

MAITLAND, Fla. - October 16, 2007 - Blue Orb, Inc.today announced Switchblade, a software program package designed to allowgamers come play Blizzard’s massively popular human being of Warcraft utilizing anXbox 360 controller. SwitchBlade is easily accessible today for download forfree exclusively from Xfire (www.xfire.com).SwitchBladeis one easy-to-use application that brings a totally configured gamecontroller interface to any kind of PC game. As soon as SwitchBlade is installed, itprovides a console gaming suffer for the gamer trying to find a newway to play famous PC games. The an initial game sustained by SwitchBladeis people of Warcraft. Preconfigured an essential bindings map the Xbox 360controller buttons come the most frequently used civilization of Warcraft controls.Inaddition come its “plug and play” pre-configured options, SwitchBlade isa highly customizable application. Experienced people of Warcraftplayers get extensive avenues to reconfigure button mappings tomatch their distinct style the play.“We all recognize that human being ofWarcraft is popular, but a lot of gamers are just hooked ~ above the consolecontroller experience,” stated Aaron Levin, Blue Orb’s Vice chairman ofBusiness Development. “With SwitchBlade, they deserve to relax on the couchwith a gamepad rather of hunching end a keyboard and also mouse.”“Partneringwith Blue Orb permits us to sell a remarkable playing suffer forXfire users,” stated Adam Boyden, Xfire’s general Manager. “We invitegamers come download the cost-free SwitchBlade software from Xfire andexperience a new method to play people of Warcraft.”Future versionsof SwitchBlade will incorporate support because that a wide range of computer games, andwill administer support for additional types of video game controllers.SwitchBladeis available for cost-free download and registration indigenous Xfire.com.Registered SwitchBlade users receive product updates at no charge. Userforums, product announcements, and contest details is accessible at http://www.switchbladegaming.com.

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