There will certainly be 12 possible outcomes. So, the probability of (tail and also a sic) would certainly be same to = 1/12

1/12 is her answer

there space 6 heads and also 6 tails as and also outcome soH-T, H-T, H-T, H-T, H-T, H,THeads - 1 heads - 2 heads - 3 top - 4 heads - 5 heads - 6 Tails - 1 Tails - 2 Tails - 3 Tails - 4 Tails - 5 Tails - 6We have actually to uncover the probability the tail and also 6 so over there is just one tail and also a 6 P(tail and a six) = 1/12 = 0.08hope the helps

"and" means summeP(coin)+P(cube)=1/2+1/6=0,666667The possibility to gain head is constantly 1/2 no issue how frequently you toss the coinAnd the chance to acquire a number once you roll a number cube is always 1/6Did you mean that?

The probability of gaining heads top top a coin toss is 1/2

The probability of getting an even number roll a number cube is 1/2 ( 3 even numbers out of 6 complete numbers).

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To find the probability that both happening, multiply every probability by each other:

1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4

There space 6 possible outcomes:

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

There are Two feasible outcomes:

Heads, Tails

1,3,5 come Heads leaves just 3 feasible outcomes. 

The answer is 3. 

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