On the day of global Day that the Girl, Guinness people Records featured 5 unstoppable female document holders because that girls everywhere the world to aspire to. Harnaam Kaur is one together girl.

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Who is Harnaam Kaur?

She is a 24-year-old brothers anti bullying activist, life coach, and also motivational speaker.


She hold the Guinness world Record for being the youngest mrs to flourish a complete beard. Her record citation read: "Now through a beard measuring as long as 6 inches in places, she overcame years of bullying come take ownership of her appearance and attain this record title at the period of 24 years 282 days.

At one time in her life, Harnaam ended up being so self-conscious the she refuse to leaving her house, except to walk to lessons, and also at she lowest point, she started self-harming and even considered taking her very own life.

Born ~ above November 29, 1990, Harnaam an initial started to an alert that she was growing facial hair at the age of 11. She to be then diagnosed v Polycystic Ovary syndrome in ~ the period of 12, a condition that method she has actually much an ext testosterone than many women which is what causes hair to grow.


Credits: Guinness people records

Bullying and also early life

Kaur originally tried to remove her facial hair early to continuous bullying and embarrassment. Through time, she has adopted her unconventional appearance and also has become a spokesperson because that the body confident movement.

Before comes to the limelight, she was functioning as a teaching assistant for she uniqueness.

In 2014, she additionally became the very first woman through a beard come walk the ramp in London Fashion Week. Now, she is endorsing number of brands and also products. She also expresses her voice v her society media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

To promote self-love and acceptance, Kaur has proclaimed that she has named she beard Sundri, which method beauty or beautiful, and also refers to she beard together a "she."

Her journey from being a depressed, self conscious tiny girl come an activist and also a an effective model is important inspiring.

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